Exit Sign Important for Public Building

When the power goes off suddenly everything turns pitch black in an otherwise well lit area. Without proper emergency lighting a normal building becomes a dangerous obstacle course that skyrockets liability and makes finding the exit near impossible.

Of course each country has strict standards that must be met for the safety of everyone so you must make sure you are in code compliance for your emergency EXIT SIGN. Most property managers of commercial buildings are very aware that sufficient exit lighting is in place for emergencies but rarely test the system after the initial installation.

There are many options for exit sign and emergency lighting; in fact you can even find exit sign with lights built in so you only need one piece of hardware. You will still need supplemental emergency lights in hallways, offices and other rooms that do not have an exit.

One of the most important areas during an emergency is the stair case since this is the route anyone above the first floor will take. It is much easier for someone to get hurt with poor lighting in a stair well than in a hallway so it is a good idea to put extra emphasis on areas with stairs. You should also check the lights in a stairwell at least every six months but most seasoned property managers test emergency lights every 3 months just to be safe.