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iContact is the best option email marketing solution out there for anyone who wants to send out email newsletters. They have great inbox deliverability, an extremely easy to use interface, great prices that start at $9.95 per month, lots of templates, and also include surveying, autoresponder, and blogging capability from the same application at no additional charge.
They take care of managing bounces and unsubscribes for you. They also take care of making sure your message gets to the inbox of your recipients through their ISP relations, feedback loops, and whitelist status. If you are currently running into deliverability issues with your existing newsletter sending method, iContact will be very helpful and ensure inbox delivery of your messages.

The Ten Most Important Tips for Email Marketing For Marketer
  1. Only send emails to persons who have requested to receive them.
  2. Only include content relevant to the type of content the person has requested.
  3. Be consistent with your sending frequency. Pick a schedule, whether it is weekly, biweekly, or monthly and as often as you can stick to that schedule.
  4. In most cases it is best to send business to business emails Tuesday through Thursday. We’ve found that the best times of the day to send are just after the start of the day around 9:30am or just after lunch around 1:30pm. It is best to avoid sending business to business emails after 4-pm or on weekends.
  5. In most cases it is best to send business to consumer emails either between 5pm and 8pm Tuesday through Thursday or between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.
  6. To improve deliverability add a message at the top of your emails that says something like: “To ensure receipt of our emails, please add to your Address Book.”
  7. Make the From Name for your messages either your company name or the name of a person at your company. Once you choose a From Name, keep it consistent. During the split second decision subscribers make whether to open your email, the most important factor in their decision is whether the From Name is familiar to them.
  8. Be sure to include both a plain text and an HTML version of your newsletter. iContact will automatically detect which subscribers can view the HTML message and which can only see the plain text message. If you don’t include a plain text message, around 5% of your recipients will see a message with nothing in it.
  9. Don’t use all caps or multiple exclamation marks within your subject line or body. Doing this will trigger spam filters. See our section below on Deliverability Best Practices for additional words to avoid.
  10. Build your list at every opportunity you have. If you have a retail location, add a point-of-sale sign up form. At conferences or events, bring a paper sign-up form or have a laptop with a sign-up form set up and available for interested parties. Finally, add your newsletter signup form to everypage on your web site. You can use the sign-up form generator within iContact to automatically generate the code you need.
Here some whitepaper that you can use

iContact Incorporates Features.

Over 25 Email Marketing Articles & Resources!

A 31-page Email Marketing Whitepaper

Message Scheduling


Open and Clickthrough Tracking

Bounce-back Handling

Subscription Management

Over 300 Templates Included

Integrated Surveying

Industry Leading Deliverability

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