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Alright, if submit to google URL didn’t work quite well for you. There are another two ways to get your blog indexed fast within 48 hours.
And we think the proven way and expensive way is beg/or get good ranking blog to link it to your blog so that your new blog can be indexed within 48 hours, but sometime you just don’t have this option, so this 2 little tricks might come in handy.

Two Fast Way To Get Index

This is the tricks for new blogger.
First one is using Adsense, and The second one is by using Google Webmaster Tools.

You can pick either one which is convenient for you to do. But for the first tips you need to get approver from Adsense, it’s this might take longer then 48 hours, unless you already have a adsense account, if not you better try the Google Webmaster Tools.

Just like mention in that articles, don’t even, never, really really never pay someone BIG money to do even though you are desperate to get index from google search engine:)

Anyway, here is the little tricks:

Adsense Trick

1. Put the google Adsense Code In Your Main Page
2. Go To Your browser and hit refresh on your main page every couple seconds.
3. Refresh until the community services ads go away and some advertiser ads start showing up.
4. Go and check your hit log 12-48 hours to confirm google crawler has visit your blog. The idea behind this is if google see many hits in their adsense page that haven’t being index, their will send over their spider to check it out.

Google Web Master Tool Trick

1. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools
2. Verify Your Blog is own by you either by uploading requested file through ftp or add in a meta tag in your main page.
3. Install a Google Sitemap Plugin mention in our post in your blog. And Generate the sitemap.
4. Login in and submit your sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool
5. Just sit and wait for Google Sider to come and visit your then and confirm it by checking your log file.

Well the idea behind, google webmaster tool trick is the tool help you to manage your website or blog, if the google spider haven’t visit your blog yet, they can’t present any data helpful to you in google webmaster tool. So google will send their spider over to check out to collect your blog data.