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Finally, my blog is no longer as Blogspot. It hosted to my own domain now. As you can see, the URL of my new blog is, not anymore. That's so cool, I think. this is name of my new blog. this blog was born on august-29-2009. This is my first blog with custom domain. (.info the cheapest domain hehe) Yeah i need some idea to build this blog. so please visit my new blog and comment now thanks a lot

Having a blog with our own top domain (without blogspot, wordpress, multiply, livejournal, ect...) will make our blog seems elite and ranked. That also make your blog easy to remembered by people. Then, how to make it like this blog? First you must buy a domain name. You can buy it at at low price, for only $8 for one domain name .com. You can purchase it by using Paypal or some major credit cards. If your domain has successfully registered, then let's go to the next step in order to redirect your domain to your blog (I recommend you to using blogger/blogspot), like DNS, Name Server, ect...

SO How to Setting Custom Domain On Blogspot

This is the first step to set your domain. Usually, there some additional fees to buy "DNS Managed". But you can still get it freely. follow the instruction below :

1. Register on for free. Then, login if you done.
2. On the Add new domain menu, you can fill column with your new domain (without www) then click basic button.

3. Or. you can use Advanced option menu .
4. Your domain name will appear in Domain List. Click your domain for the next step.

5. On Add a record menu you can Fill "www" and record type drop down menu, choose CNAME .
8. in Record Value column Fill in destination.
9. and at last click Add Record button.

If you use Namecheap as your domain account, you must do this :

1. Login to your Namecheap account. Click Manage Domain.
2. On the menu, click your domain name, then click domain Name server Setup on the left side menu. Fill the columns like this pics below :

Finished and save your works. Ups, still not finished yet. you still need to set your domain on your blog.

1. Login to your blogger, in your dashboard, click settings on your blog.
2. Choose Publishing menu. Then click switch to Custom domain. next Switch to advanced setting. Enter your domain name with www. Save if you done.

Congratulations! Your blog is already in your own domain name...

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  1. can you tell me exactly how i register a domain name. thanks